HOT STUFF: Amy Didone took this shot of a cane fire in the region.
HOT STUFF: Amy Didone took this shot of a cane fire in the region.

Hopes now turn to rain as crush continues

THE sixth week of crushing at Isis Central Sugar Mill saw 61,910 tonnes of cane processed.

That brings the season's total to 311,091, with the year-to-date CCS of 13.82.

The week's highest CCS was 17.04 from the recently approved Q525/AP variety, grown at Elliott River.

More than 30 per cent of the season's forecast of one million tonnes has now been crushed.

Mill CEO John Gorringe said field conditions had been ideal for harvesting but farmers were now looking for rainfall as the standing crop was suffering from a lack of moisture.

But, as the dry conditions continued, Mr Gorringe said, the risks from accidental fire also continued to increase and it was imperative farmers stayed vigilant, addressed potential issues when conditions allowed and maintained fire breaks immediately after the harvest.

This week the mill produced 9288 tonnes of JBR1 raw sugar that was dispatched to the Bundaberg Bulk Sugar Terminal.

Mr Gorringe said the variety Q240 continued to dominate cane supply, making up 39 per cent of the week's total with an average CCS of 14.62.

A total of 4077 tonnes of Q252 was processed through the rollers for a weekly CCS average of 14.90.

Cane quality parameters for the week saw fibre levels recorded at 13.89 per cent and ash levels recorded at 2.42 per cent, good results given the high throughputs, Mr Gorringe said.