Oma could bring major floods as Burnett and Kolan on watch

AN INITIAL flood watch has been issued for a massive area spanning the Queensland coast down to the New South Wales border.

Included in the watch are the Burnett and Kolan rivers.

River level rises above the minor flood level are possible across the Flood Watch area during the weekend and early next week.

There is a risk of moderate to major flooding, dependent on the movement of TC Oma.

Tropical Cyclone Oma is expected to continue its track towards the southern Queensland coast in the coming days, which may produce heavy rainfall over the weekend and early next week.

The specific area and duration of this heavy rainfall is dependent on the track of Tropical Cyclone Oma.

Catchments across southern Queensland remain quite dry after a delayed start to the wet season. However areas where intense rainfall is recorded will likely respond quickly.

Based on the current forecast track, minor flooding is possible in coastal catchments south of Bundaberg from early in the weekend.

Heavy rainfall may also lead to localised flooding.

Catchments likely to be affected include:

  • Calliope River
  • Boyne River
  • Baffle Creek
  • Kolan River
  • Burnett River
  • Burrum and Cherwell Rivers
  • Mary River
  • Noosa River
  • Sunshine Coast Rivers and Creeks
  • Pine and Caboolture Rivers
  • Upper Brisbane River
  • Lower Brisbane River
  • Logan and Albert Rivers
  • Gold Coast Rivers and Creeks
  • Condamine Rivers
  • Macintyre River
  • Weir River
  • Moonie River

See to view the current flood and cyclone products for Queensland.

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