Behind bars generic jail prison
Behind bars generic jail prison kaspiic

Officers in riot gear drag accused to court

TROY John Currey sat shirtless while being held down by three prison officers dressed in riot gear at Maryborough Correctional Centre on Thursday while appearing via videolink in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.

Mr Currey was in custody for allegedly threatening a Dundowran businessman while demanding his car.

He was arrested last Sunday and taken to jail.

Before Mr Currey's appearance, a prison officer told the magistrate team leaders had been sent to physically escort him to the court room after he refused to go.

About 30 minutes passed before three prison officers wearing vests, helmets and gloves, emerged, dragging Mr Currey into the room.

Lawyer Hamish Isles was set to represent the accused car-jacker but was stood aside after Mr Currey said he wanted to represent himself.

Mr Currey told the court he had applied for bail so he could go to rehabilitation but knew it wouldn't be approved.

Mr Guttridge told him he needed legal representation, but Mr Currey said, "nah don't worry about it".

He was again asked what he wanted to do with the matter, but Mr Currey said, "whatever you want to do".

Mr Guttridge told Mr Currey the charges didn't fall into his jurisdiction and adjourned the case to next month.

"It's not a simple unlawful use of a motor vehicle because it has a circumstance of an aggravation where you have threatened to use violence," Mr Guttridge said.