O'Dowd's marriage equality survey available online

VOTERS who have moved on from snail mail can now complete Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd's hot topics survey online.

The survey asks questions about marriage equality, daylight saving, euthanasia and dams.

Mr O'Dowd's office already has received a big response, with about 3000 surveys received via mail, the internet or by people dropping them off at the office.

The survey will remain open until the end of the month.

Responses will then be collated so Mr O'Dowd can take the information back with him to Canberra when sittings resume on August 10.

The survey also asks about the respondent's political persuasion, a move that has been criticised.

However, Mr O'Dowd said this section was not mandatory.

Respondents do have to provide their name and address, so they can be checked against the electoral role to ensure they live in the Flynn electorate.

He said the survey process would be transparent, and it was intended to gauge the current attitude of his electorate.

The survey has been sent to 60,000 households in the Gladstone region.

"As with any debate, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and there will never be complete consensus," Mr O'Dowd has said.

"But regardless of anyone's opinion, each issue appearing on the survey is important and deserves serious discussion."

He said if people didn't send the survey back, "we'll put those people down as they don't care one way or the other".

The survey can be completed online via Mr O'Dowd's website here.