OCEAN'S Eight stars Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson are clearly enjoying each other's company on the publicity trail for the new female-fronted heist movie.

The pair made a bewildering appearance on the US Today show this week, barely letting interviewer Hoda Kotb ask a question about their film as they instead traded hilarious insults.

The chemistry between the two - who admitted they'd both been up since 4am - was palpable, something Kotb noted as she introduced them.

"You guys clearly have a thing going on …" Kotb said.

"It ended about an hour ago," Paulson responded.

"You came wearing that? Get a stylist," Blanchett told her co-star.

"I got it from your mum," was Paulson's quickfire retort.

From there, the pair continued to trade the sort of low blows you can only throw at a co-star on national TV when you're actually really good friends.


Mock-fighting like only true friends can.
Mock-fighting like only true friends can.

Paulson begged the host to talk about the movie, or at least "anything but her," gesturing to Blanchett.

"OSCAR WINNER," Blanchett reminded her. "Emmy, you've got? That's nice."

By this time - less than two minutes into the interview - both actors and host were close to hysterics.

"Sorry. We can edit this whole thing. Is this live?" asked Paulson.

Attempting to get the interview back on track, Kotb asked the stars if Ocean's Eight was the first time they'd worked together - which of course it was not, as they'd both starred in the acclaimed 2015 drama Carol.

"She was nominated for an Academy Award for that one but she DID NOT WIN, she did NOT WIN that one," Paulson was keen to point out.

By this time, poor Kotb had tears streaming down her face.

"Your mascara's running … Someone will come and touch you up, before you speak to some REAL actors," Blanchett told her.

Behind them, a visual flashed on the screen showing the film's full impressive cast - an opportunity for Blanchett to land one more jab at Paulson: "Oh, they kept you in!"

By this point in the interview Kotb had to beg co-host Savannah Guthrie to join her on camera as backup - which only gave Blanchett and Paulson license to goof off even more:


We want a Blanchett / Paulson-hosted morning show and we want it now.
We want a Blanchett / Paulson-hosted morning show and we want it now.

Check out the hilarious six-minute segment in full below: