Rob Oakeshott
Rob Oakeshott Jerad Williams

MP Oakeshott convinced National Electricity Market 'a rort'

INDEPENDENT MP Rob Oakeshott described the National Electricity Market as a multi-billion dollar rort in parliament on Monday.

Currently the market runs under state laws, contingent on those laws meeting national guidelines.

But Mr Oakeshott said the $3 billion in dividends that returned to state governments under the current market was a rort and was not working.

He said his Private Members Bill, debated in the Federation Chamber on Monday, was a test for the major parties to ensure the Commonwealth controlled the market.

Mr Oakeshott said the current system say the average householder effectively paid an extra $100 a year on their power bills through the state government dividends.

"This, in my view, is a failing model, and needs to be improved," he said.

"What that means for householders is that for every $100 of an average electricity bill this year, $51 represents the network, or the poles and wires, cost, $20 represents the retail cost, another $20 represents the wholesale cost, and $9 is the carbon price component."

He said if the major parties were serious about addressing the situation, they would support his bill.

The debate on Mr Oakeshott's bill continues.