Megastar Hemsworth keen to make Dundee movie

THE Territory's own megastar Chris Hemsworth has put his support behind making a new Dundee movie.

Hot on the heels of the Super Bowl's blockbuster Tourism Australia ad on Monday, momentum for a real revival of the Dundee film franchise has the support of Hemsworth, who said he'd seriously consider accepting a role after the fun of making the fake teaser.

As celebrity endorsements for the NT News-led #BringBackDundee petition grew on Monday, Hemsworth said he had been overwhelmed by the response to the ad, watched by an audience of more than 110 million people in the US alone.

"Hearing such a positive response from a fan point of view, I would definitely be open to it," Hemsworth said. "You'd have to find a story and great script but it's certainly made me stop and think what the future holds and my next few jobs and whether we could make something like this work."

Philadelphia’s Nick Foles led his team to the Super Bowl title – with more than 100 million people watching in the United States alone. Picture: JUSTIN KENNEDY
Philadelphia’s Nick Foles led his team to the Super Bowl title – with more than 100 million people watching in the United States alone. Picture: JUSTIN KENNEDY

A who's who of Aussie A-listers, including Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Isla Fisher and Hemsworth's younger brother Liam, worked for mates' rates to appear in the commercial which aired just before the game's half time break.

Besides Hemsworth and American actor Danny McBride (who are under contract to appear in the ongoing Tourism Australia campaign), most of the stars agreed to appear for minimum award wages - less than $20,000 each. Tourism Australia boss John O'Sullivan said the enthusiasm from the ad's stellar stable had helped make it a social media sensation. "What we found with this project was just how proud Australian talent are of their origins and country, [and] having them involved just gives us that talkability," O'Sullivan said.

"We've already seen on digital channels and social media, we've reached over 369 million people. We've already earned $30 million in free publicity, so we're already paying for the campaign through their use ... it's been great."

In the next phase of the US push, Hemsworth will team with McBride, Curtis Stone and the NT's Jessica Mauboy, as well as Outback Wrangler Matt Wright to help convert interest in Australia's food and wine scene, indigenous culture and wildlife into bums on plane seats.

Producers from The Late Show With Seth Meyers will also fly to Australia this month to film travel segments to air for US audiences; while Hemsworth has prerecorded appearances on a number of daytime variety programs.

Hemsworth, who spent part of his childhood on cattle stations and remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, said he fondly remembered the original Crocodile Dundee as "an incredible showcase of the country".

"I think a lot of people around the world weren't really familiar or educated on what Australia looked like or what the Outback was," he said.

"But more importantly the sense of humour, the sense of adventure, the attitude, the outgoing nature that Australians have I think is hugely appealing. Certainly, if you hadn't been to the country that would be something you would warm to. It's sort of timeless in a way - all that humour still stands up."

Tourism Australia officials met with Hemsworth over the secret project last year, after getting the nod of approval to use Dundee from Hoges.