IT was a bold prediction he wished he could take back, but true to his word, he paid up to protect his reputation.

A week ago APN's expert rugby league scribe, Wayne 'Ticker' Heming, stuck his neck out by promising to "get naked" for this week's video tipping segment if the Cowboys lost to the Warriors.

"It couldn't possibly happen," Heming, a veteran rugby league writer told APN colleague and show co-host Josh Spasaro.

But as Ticker sat on the edge of his lounge chair yelling at the Cowboys to score in the dying minutes, the men from across the Tasman held on in one of the upsets of the season. His Facebook and Twitter accounts immediately lit up with some humorous posts, but the main theme was, a "bet is a bet".

So while he may have been wide of the mark with his predictions last week, Ticker kept his word yesterday, stripping naked for this week's discussion of round four matches.

To see the result, and if Ticker made any more bold predictions, go to our website, click on the sport tag, then footy tipping and go to the Polaris Players Lounge.