Not enough jobs to go around Queensland

ASSUMING all of Australia’s 715,500 unemployed could fill the 204,600 estimated job vacancies tomorrow, that would still leave more than 500,000 people unable to get a job.

A vacancy report recently released by the Department of Employment estimates in the year to August, there were 170,500 job advertisements across the country via SEEK, CareerOne and Australian JobSearch, the same service those on Newstart must use while looking for work.

Departmental research also found that one in five jobs were not advertised through these channels with employers using informal networks.

Adding this 20 per cent gives an estimated 204,600 job ads throughout the country.

The numbers are no fairer in Queensland, with a total estimate of 37,345 job ads for the state’s 174,400 unemployed.

Even multiplied threefold, job ads in Australia cannot meet the demands of the unemployed, and in Queensland the ads would have to increase more than four and a half times their current number for there to be one job for every unemployed person.

Even if there were that many jobs, there’s no guarantee Queensland’s unemployed would be suitable candidates for the roles, with a 4.4 per cent increase in jobs advertised requiring a bachelor degree or higher, while the number of jobs requiring diplomas and certificates have decreased by an average of 6.3 per cent.

The Bundaberg region had 295 jobs yesterday afternoon on SEEK, while the smaller Coffs Harbour had 312, and Gladstone showed 387.

This comes as Minister for Employment Anne Ruston described the issue of unemployment as “much more complex than just the safety net that is provided by the Australian government’s taxpayer-funded welfare system”.

But for the half a million Australians that are mathematically unable to get a job, that safety net is all they have.

The Department of Employment was unable to provide data for Wide Bay by time of print yesterday.