Thea Fietje was concerned about her treatment travelling on the trainline. Photo Vicki Wood / Caboolture News
Thea Fietje was concerned about her treatment travelling on the trainline. Photo Vicki Wood / Caboolture News Vicki Wood

Thea just wants her fare go on public transport

SENIOR citizen Thea Fietje was left shocked and embarrassed after a Go Card inspector demanded she get off a train because of a "glitch" in the scanning system.

The 66-year-old alleged she had been treated like a criminal during her journey from Bribie Island to the Gold Coast.

Last Thursday, she caught two buses on Bribie Island to get to the Caboolture station to catch the 9.52am train to Brisbane.

Ms Fietje said halfway to Brisbane, an inspector had asked to see her Go Card.

"The inspector said something to the effect that I hadn't clicked on at Caboolture," she said.

"I said that I had. Therefore, there either had to be a fault with the Go Card machine or in my haste in boarding the train ... it was possible I had (unintentionally) not clicked the card on properly."

Ms Fietje said she was shocked when the inspector demanded she get off the train to talk on the platform, because she had "committed an offence".

"I then told him I had got on at Bribie and it wasn't my fault that the Go Card machine may not have accepted my card," she said.

"He said it was my responsibility to ensure the Go Card worked and again demanded I get off the train."

When Ms Fietje politely refused, she said the inspector threatened to call the police.

"I told him to go right ahead and get a policeman as I had done nothing wrong and could not believe that such bullying tactics could happen to a respectable senior citizen," she said.

"At no time was I rude," she said.

"It was humiliating, to say the least, and I was absolutely appalled to be treated as if I was a criminal."

Upon arriving at Central Station in Brisbane, MsFietje went to the information centre where she filled in a complaint form.

A TransLink spokeswoman said they would contact Ms Fietje to identify potential issues with her Go Card.

"We do encourage all customers to check the screen when using their Go Card to ensure it is used correctly and the correct fare is charged," she said.

"TransLink investigates all complaints and customers who believe they have been incorrectly charged are encouraged to contact TransLink."

The Daily contacted Queensland Rail, but the department was satisfied with TransLink's response.