Hinkler MP Keith Pitt and Qld Senator James McGrath visiting the Hervey Bay electorate office recently.
Hinkler MP Keith Pitt and Qld Senator James McGrath visiting the Hervey Bay electorate office recently. Chris Burns

No confirmation of Hinkler's role in nuclear talk

HINKLER MP Keith Pitt refuses to answer why he is invested in pushing for nuclear power, and he will not say if he wants a station to be built in his electorate.

"Media organisations that solely focus on where a nuclear reactor could be located are not helpful at these early stages of the discussion, especially considering the size of Australia," Mr Pitt said.

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He had no further detail to add to a subject which he wants political discussion to centre around.

On Monday The Australian reported that Mr Pitt and Queensland Senator James McGrath have drafted a letter due to be sent to Prime Minister Scott Morrison this week, which advocates the need to revisit the legalisation of nuclear power.

Even though Mr Pitt lobbies for nuclear power, he will not release the letter to the Newsmail or provide further detail than what he already said on the subject three weeks ago.

"What role nuclear energy could play in Australia's energy mix has been talked about for many years and now it's time to have an adult discussion about it," Mr Pitt said yesterday.

"The level of support so far has been very strong and people want to be able to have this conversation.

"We need to have an adult, and bi-partisan, discussion around the potential role nuclear energy could play in the future in Australia."

Mr McGrath recently listed the benefits of nuclear power to Sky News.

"Everyone is getting hot and bothered about coal, which I don't understand because coal provides jobs in my home state of Qld, as as part of our energy mix why don't we look at nuclear power," he said.

"It doesn't emit greenhouse gases, we've got a third of the world's uranium in Australia, our country is geographically stable, why doesn't our Senate have an inquiry into nuclear power."