Is that a nipple on my bacon?

The photo attracted more than 3000 comments, with many saying it had put them off bacon
The photo attracted more than 3000 comments, with many saying it had put them off bacon Reddit

A BACON lover was just about to fry up some rashers when they noticed something looked different.

A pig's nipple was clearly visible on the side of one of the strips, so they took a photo of the unusual surprise and posted it on Reddit.

Little did this bacon fan know that the image was about to cause a torrent of horrifed and hilarious comments, with many social media users saying the photo had put them off bacon forever.

Within a few hours, the image had gone viral, with more than 3000 people commenting on the post.

"I didn't think it was possible for fresh bacon to make me feel sick to the stomach, but here we are," said one commenter said.

"And ... I'm done with bacon," declared another.

"Just eat around the nipple". One of the top things I don't want to hear at breakfast," someone quipped.

Others pondered whether the nipple belonged to a male or female pig, and one said that butchers would sometimes give bacon with nipples attached to impolite customers.

"When I worked in a high end retail, the butchers used to intentionally give the nipple bacon out to rude/abusive customers," wrote Reddit user Liontta.

"Usually as a free sample. I personally found it pretty hilarious."

It wasn't long before other social media users started to share their own photos of pig nipples, including one that was discovered in a bowl of cooked pork.

Another linked to an image that had done the rounds on social media years ago, along with the comment, "Today, I found a nipple on my bacon. I've already converted over to Judaism. Shalom, y'all."

The photos highlighted the fact that most of us are used to seeing meat that bears little resemblence to the animal it once was.

But the comments weren't just about bacon. Other social media users chimed in with food stories about veiny ham and beef tongue.

"A while back I tried tacos with beef tongue. It was good until I noticed the taste buds could still be seen."

While many were disturbed by the bacon nipple, others couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

"It's almost as if bacon came from a live animal!", one Reddit user said.