WATER SUPPLY: Chemical contamination in the Dr Mays Rd bore.
WATER SUPPLY: Chemical contamination in the Dr Mays Rd bore. Mike Knott BUN130418BORE5

NewsMail opinion: People deserve answers after water shock

POLLUTANT-free water is something we take for granted in this country.

But maybe not any more.

Confirmation late Friday afternoon that the drinking water of Svensson Heights residents was found to have potentially harmful chemicals came as a shock.

Once the shock wore off, alarm set in regarding how and what information was disseminated.

Yesterday, two days after the initial announcement, residents were still very much in the dark on critical health-related information.

There seems to be some confusion over when this information came to light and who was responsible for letting Bundaberg residents know.

Questions are also arising about how the PFAS got into the water supply and how long they have been there? Also, what is the testing regime for PFAS?

This issue could have been handled better and we certainly haven't seen the last of it.

Residents deserve a full explanation and transparency on this matter - it's their health and the health of their children that has been put at risk.

The more information the better.