Outrage as New York Post runs beheading image on front page

The New York Post has provoked outrage in the US by publishing a graphic front page image of American journalist James Foley about to be executed.

The Post, edited by Australian journalist Col Allan, published an image of Foley with a knife held flush against his throat, above the headline 'SAVAGES'.

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APN ARM and Fairfax Media have declined to reproduce the graphic front page image on this story, but readers can view it here (graphic image warning).







The executioner is shown with a knife centimetres from Foley's throat as the journalist kneels in the sand.

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Closer to home, News Limited's Daily Telegraph in Sydney ran the image covering its front page with the title 'Pure Evil'.

In Brisbane, the Courier Mail ran the image far smaller.

The images were published prominently despite Foley's sister Kelly pleading earlier this week not to circulate the images, as that would suit the agenda of those responsible.

News Limited's News.com.au website published a piece by 'staff writers' earlier in the week calling for the images not to be shared on social media.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch himself had this to say: