Lawyer's friend's New Year’s Eve XBox heist ends in jail

WHEN Rockhampton solicitor Anthony DeFraine nodded his head in court it could have been a sign he had forgiven his old mate for the New Year's Eve night from hell.

His former friend Kyle Ward sat in the Rockhampton District Court dock yesterday reliving a regretful New Year's Eve when he helped a friend break into Mr DeFraine's home to steal an Xbox, a mobile phone and damage property.

Ward, 19, yesterday pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton District Court to one charge of burglary while with another offender, robbery in company and unlawfully using a motor vehicle to help commit an offence.

The court heard Ward and his co-offender's motives weren't targeted at DeFraine but his flatmate, who they claim owed them money.

Crown prosecutor Susan Hedge said on December 31, 2012, Ward and his accomplice broke into Mr DeFraine's home while he slept.

When Mr DeFraine was woken by the noisy disturbance he confronted the pair.

One, who the court identified as Ward, was bare-chested and wearing a black shirt around his face. It was Ward's accomplice, however, who allegedly punched Mr DeFraine in the face, leaving him with a black eye and cuts to his face.

The court heard the Rockhampton solicitor sought refuge in his bathroom, where he heard his flatmate's car start up and zoom out the driveway.

Ward was sentenced to three years jail. But because he had served 208 days in pre-sentence custody he was released yesterday on parole.