A NEW video has emerged of a "ghost" in Toowoomba which went viral last week.

Paranormal investigators Toowoomba Ghost Chasers uploaded the video and said the anonymous Toowoomba resident who submitted the video had captured the footage on a security camera.

The footage is from the same night as the original video and features a zoomed in look at the alleged ghost.

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Sharna Davis said the footage was frightening.

"I'd have a heart attack if I was the residents of that house and these people showed me this footage," she said.

Brad Glynn said: "Wow you can see more of it then last time that is just fascinating."

Lisa Mckillop said she wanted closer footage of the ghost.

"I wonder if they can get closer, like put a camera down near the light or something," she said.

The location in Toowoomba where the footage was taken is yet to be revealed.

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A screenshot from the new ghost video. Photo Contributed
A screenshot from the new ghost video. Contributed

Toowoomba Ghost Chasers co-founder Kylie Samuels said the people who submitted the video had witnessed the ghost with their own eyes.

"We were invited over to watch the original footage to prove they hadn't altered it in any way," she said.

"Watching it ourselves with them it appears it actually starts from their yard and not from the house next door, but seeing as all the land was once owned by next door that still doesn't matter.

"It also appears five times at regular intervals doing the exact movements."

Ms Samuels said the resident had done everything possible to try and debunk the ghost theory.

"They are lovely people very respectable who wish to remain anonymous only for the reason they don't want their house and street turning into a circus."

Ms Samuels said at the time, the footage was looked at by a professional and he could find no explanation for it.

"They had also chosen never to try and catch whatever it is again on film, so it could be still happening, maybe not."

Ms Samuels said the footage was taken six years ago.