New technology makes Safe City room 'more than surveillance'

NEW technology to speed up searches for missing children is allowing Ipswich City Council's Safe City program to quickly pinpoint locations and reunite children with parents.

A search through recorded footage which previously could have taken hours or even days is now reduced to critical, life-saving minutes with innovative software supplied by United States company Briefcam.

Ipswich City Council's head of health, security and regulatory service Sean Madigan said Safe City worked with Briefcam to enable smooth integration with the current video management system that has about 250 simultaneous live video streams.

"This latest technology has many powerful uses," Mr Madigan said.

"Initially it was used to locate missing children.

"It also enables super-fast searches for stolen vehicles and filters to search for specific objects or clothing based on colour.

"It has been particularly effective at Orion Lagoon during the busy summer months.

"Should young children become separated from their parents then Briefcam can swing into action immediately."

Mr Madigan said Briefcam's capacity to analyse video content, faster than any manual process, enhanced Safe City beyond being a public safety surveillance tool.

"It brings the future to us now and puts smart city concepts into practice.

"The speed at which we can provide critical information to Queensland Police Service helps reduce investigation times.

"Operators can input specific search criteria and confirm any match in that search within minutes.

"Police can respond to quickly apprehend suspects and recover stolen property.

"It can also automatically count cars, trucks, buses or people with a high degree of accuracy.

"This offers very efficient methods of counting traffic which will assist in future traffic management plans for special events or road closures," he said.