ENSOKU: Waitress Kate Man in the selfie zone outside the restaurant.
ENSOKU: Waitress Kate Man in the selfie zone outside the restaurant. Mike Knott BUN051018ENSOKU5

New store dubbed Bundy's 'selfie-zone'

KONNICHIWA - Bundy welcomes a new Japanese restaurant complete with a 'selfie-zone'.

Experience a taste of Japanese-Australian fusion at Ensoku, the new store in the CBD, which opened it's doors this week.

The highly-anticipated eatery had heads turning when an intriguing Simpsons-cross-Beatles mural featured on the side of the building popped up about a month ago.

Owners Youen Lee and David Ham wanted to create a space perfect for 'the best selfie' in every aspect of the store, featuring a Melbourne-esque interior that reflects their pop-culture interests and offers an unique experience for customers. Ms Lee said she and her husband wanted to provide an interactive space and encouraged customers to share their photos on social media.

"(David) wants everyone to be surprised in every part of our shop, just like outside with the mural,” Ms Lee said.

"There's so many selfie zones so that people, can take a picture any time, anywhere and get the best selfie.”

The most surprising element to Ensoku was definitely the bathroom.

The room is completely dark until you step through the door - sensors turn on the lights to reveal a magical The Lion King oasis while Can You Feel The Love Tonight begins to play.

"So many customers love our toilet,” she said.

The restaurant's chef was flown in from Japan and boasts 10 years experience making traditional Japanese cuisine.

Every coffee comes with a tasty house-made custard puff in the shape of a corn cob.

Ms Lee and Mr Ham have been planning Ensoku, which translates to picnic, for four years. Ms Lee said the grand opening was massive and she was happy to see local support.

Ensoku is open from 7am every day and closes 9pm most days, midnight on Friday and Saturday. Find the restaurant at 91 Bourbong St.