Dalby gas leaks at abandoned well trigger new rules

NEW rules would offer Queensland a better deal to handle gas leaking from abandoned gas wells, state Mines Minister Andrew Cripps said yesterday.

Mr Cripps said the government was creating the protocols after a discarded site began leaking near Dalby in south-west Queensland.

The emissions, discovered in August 2012, created concerns for those living nearby.

Mr Cripps said the government and gas firms were now working together to ensure proper action was taken when similar incidents occurred.

The deal will allow the government to dispatch its own teams to repair any troublesome sites.

"While these types of events are few and far between, and the risk they pose is generally low, it is important that there are mechanisms in place to quickly resolve any situations that arise from legacy exploration bores," Mr Cripps said.

Key bodies for both the Queensland mining industry and the national gas industry are now looking through the proposals.

It is due for release before the end of August.