NEW OWNERS: Megan and Mick Murphy have recently taken over Crossfit United Bundaberg from former owner David Galati.
NEW OWNERS: Megan and Mick Murphy have recently taken over Crossfit United Bundaberg from former owner David Galati. Tahlia Stehbens

New owners lifting the bar in Bundy's Crossfit game

FUN and fitness can be a challenging combination, but Megan and Mick Murphy are taking on the task as the new owners of Crossfit United Bundaberg.

The Murphys have been involved in the Crossfit community for a number of years, and this next step in gym ownership has been a long time coming.

"We are very excited to be the new owners,” Megan said.

"Now that it's officially ours we're excited to implement some of our ideas and make some changes which will hopefully just make it more awesome.”

The business was established in 2016 by Dave Galati, who wanted to provide a space for fellow gym lovers to train.

"We opened the box originally a couple of years ago just because of Dave's passion for Crossfit,” Megan said.

"But because of other business commitments, Dave didn't have the time to run the Crossfit business so we were really lucky that he gave Mick that opportunity.

"We've been really lucky over last two years that we've been able to run the place with Dave, so for us there's not much that will change.”

Megan has been involved in the fitness industry for most of her adult life and said starting Crossfit in 2012 was one of the best things she had ever done.

After a few short stints in Rockhampton and Brisbane, Megan found Crossfit was a really good way to meet new people after moving back to Bundaberg.

"I had been going to gym consistently for about 15 years but started getting bored,” she said.

"Crossfit ended up being something where I was able to meet new people and challenge myself in the gym.”

Mick's appointment as a coach in 2016 was a big career change for the truck driver.

"Mick has found his passion and strives every day to be the best coach he can be,” Megan said of her husband.

"The impact he has on people's lives is very rewarding for him. Not just physically, but what the community does for each other has such a positive impact.”

Crossfit United will host its third competition on April 27, and Megan said anyone interested in the activity should come to watch on the day.

"Everyone really overthinks turning up to Crossfit,” she said.

"People just need to turn up and give it a go, that's all it comes down to.

"While we have got some quite competitive athletes that train with us, we've also got members in their 50s and 60s who love the everyday reward working out provides.

"People often say they need to get fitter to come and do it, but if they just turn up and give it a go they'll know after a few session whether they like it or not. It's certainly not just for young competitive athletes at all.”