ANZAC DAY: The sun rises at the Bargara Anzac Day Dawn Service.
ANZAC DAY: The sun rises at the Bargara Anzac Day Dawn Service. Max Fleet BUN250412BAR17

New light on Bargara Dawn Service

THE Bargara Anzac Day Dawn Service will be reaching new heights and new people this year with numerous changes including live streaming to France.

Greg Barnes said many of the changes have been made after feedback from those who attended the service last year.

"This year the stage will be on the eastern side of the memorial facing the diggers line-up,” he said

"There will also be three high definition LED screens so people can see what's going on from up the back.”

The screens is to be placed above head height at the main shelter shed near the memorial, one will face the south, one to the north and the last one up Bauer St.

While issues from previous years have been addressed in order to make the service one to remember or all those who attend, one of the biggest developments off the 2017 service is the live streaming.

With the help from MediaOne Graphics a live video of the dawn service will be available for the villagers of Vignacourt at The Somme in the north western region of Picardy, France.

The live broadcast is just one example of the relationship between the people of Vignacourt and Bundaberg, since Vignacourt Mayor Stephan Ducrotoy and his wife Nathalie visiting the Bundaberg region in November last year.

Mr Barnes said students from Bargara State School, St Joseph's (Childers) and Kepnock may get the chance to go to Vignacourt in person next year.

The Bargara Dawn Service's will begin at 5.30am. For more details go to