WHILE a person may generally heat a pot of oil to cook chips or deep fry other foods, one Woodgate woman has boiled oil to burn her hand on purpose.

It was all in the cause of demonstrating what she says are the true healing properties of a certain yellow-skinned, black-seeded fruit.

Janette McArthur is the daughter of Tom McArthur, better known as the "the paw paw man" from Childers.

Mr McArthur set up McArthur Natural Products in 2002 and later expanded to open a Childers shopfront and more stores nationally.

Then in June last year, the business became embroiled in what it described as an "internal dispute" that led to the closure of the Childers store.

While the legal battle rages on, McArthur Natural Products remains a running business.

But Ms McArthur said her father no longer had any affiliation with the company.

She said "the paw paw man" would instead be joining forces with her to launch her new line "Janette McArthur Face & Body Care".

"He's given me his blessing to use his patent and he's going to come and work with me from next week," she said.

Ms McArthur said she was "very, very excited" about working with her father.

To demonstrate what she described as the true healing properties of her skincare lines, Ms McArthur put her hand into a pot of oil heated to 173 degrees in a demonstration performed in front of the NewsMail.

"It was absolutely excruciating," she said of the pain caused by the oil.

But Ms McArthur said she was making a point about paw paw healing powers.

"I held my hand out (of the oil) for a couple of minutes and showed that my hand was injured," she said.

Ms McArthur then put her hand into what she described as "modified paw paw ointment".

"And the pain was instantly relieved," she said.

"That's the power of paw paw."

When the NewsMail caught up with Ms McArthur the day after her experiment she said she was fine.

"I have no blisters; only a little bit of redness of my thumb," Ms McArthur said.

"There's no sign of any blisters - my hand's pretty much back to normal."