Michael and Debbie Meiers at their new farmgate Bargara Berries at Meadowvale.
Michael and Debbie Meiers at their new farmgate Bargara Berries at Meadowvale.

New farm gate means easier access to berry good products

BARGARA Berries has opened its new farm shed to retail sales, making it easier for more people to access its products.

Bargara Berries’ Debbie Meiers said the store was staying in Bargara but the additional location, Bargara Berries at Meadowvale, would make their products more accessible.

“We are just opening to people on the northside so people in Moore Park for example don’t have to drive all the way to Bargara,” she said.

An additional benefit to opening up the farm gate was allowing people to see the farm.

“The customers will be have the opportunity to be able to pick their own throughout the season and they will be able to see how we pick and pack and have the farm experience.

“Obviously it is not easy to do at the moment but over time it is something we hope to introduce to show people another side of life.”

Ms Meiers said Bargara Berries at Meadowvale would supply all the products available in Bargara such as jams and sauces as well as seedlings and fruit trees.

“We have opened our commercial nursery to the retail public and people have been coming out and buying plants and have been very happy with the results,” she said.

“We have had a lot of repeat customers too so that will continue and probably expand a little bit in the future.

“We hope to encourage home gardening. The seedlings they are buying are commercial quality so they are going to receive a good quality product they will get good success with.”

Ms Meiers said in peak season they would likely need a few more hands on deck, including backpackers and locals, but said for the moment it remained a family operation.

As they had been losing the tourist trade this year they hoped to focus on looking after local consumers more.

“When they come down to the shop they see me cooking the jams and sauces but when they come out to the farm they can see us packing the strawberries in the shed and see them growing in the field.”