DRINK IT IN: Arjan Jongkees
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New face joins family brewing brand

BUNDABERG Brewed Drinks has welcomed a new Head of Innovation and Quality and he intends to give the community a voice in the brand's future.

Arjan Jongkees joined the popular drink company less than two months ago and said his new role would focus on three main elements; innovation, corporate waste and quality.

"Its about new things, it's about delighting our consumers every day with new solutions to make their lives a bit easier," Mr Jongkees said.

Mr Jongkees has spent time working outside of Australia, including moving to France with his wife to teach English.

"I still think there's a need for the French to learn English, somewhere along the line we just realised we weren't the people to do it."

He then worked as the head of development for Heinz in Europe, juggling more than 15 brands for the company before moving back to Australia.

He said that setting standards for Bundaberg Brewed Drinks and ensuring every product met those standards was an important element to the business.

One half of his team sets the key standard for the business and defines what it means for them.

"The other half of my team is about making sure we live up to that (standard) on a daily basis, making sure every bottle coming off that line and every product that goes out of our factories is exactly what we want it to be, exactly how we designed it to be and the best possible experience for a consumer," he said.

Mr Jongkees said he wanted to ensure Bundaberg Brewed Drinks didn't become a company that couldn't react to opportunities or respond to what their consumers wanted on a daily basis.

He told the NewsMail that future plans for the company included having community involvement for new ideas.

"There's no point in three of us sitting around a table and deciding what that next flavour should be," he said.

The barrel outside of the factory where customers can try and purchase products is currently under renovations but Mr Jongkees said once reopened, it would be the hub for consumer feedback to influence new flavour ideas and progression.

"Once we have the barrel up and running, I think that will be the really interesting thing," he said. "For the local community to be able to be a part of that, be involved in that via the barrel and that interactivity that is there."

Mr Jongkees said his favourite Bundy Brewed Drinks flavour is sarsaparilla.