Missy and her Christmas Day puppies
Missy and her Christmas Day puppies

New-born puppy brought back to life in Christmas miracle

IT WAS Christmas Day and journalist Steph Allen's family was in the middle of a gel-blaster gun war.

A yelp from the garden stopped them in the middle of a reload.

"Out of bullets, we headed to the no-shoot zone to reload when we heard the yelp," she said.

"We barrelled into the bushes and saw my parents' dog Missy giving birth to a pup."


Missy and her Christmas Day puppies
Missy and her Christmas Day puppies

Her brother, Dean, "transitioned immediately into midwife-mode" and with her stepmother, helped deliver six pups over 12 hours.

The game came to an end when the labour process took a nerve-wracking turn.

One puppy was born not breathing.


Missy’s Christmas Day puppies
Missy’s Christmas Day puppies

"Dean spent what felt like hours working on the pup, breathing into its little mouth, rubbing its chest and trying to clear its throat," she said.

"He didn't give up on the pup. It was a little fighter."

Finally, after laboured gasps, it began to breathe and wriggle in his hands.

Another arduous birth later, which resulted in the devastating loss of a pup, her parents, Lee and Ray, bundled up Missy and the pups and headed into town to see the after-hours vet, just as the rain began to bucket down amid a festive thunderstorm.

At 3am on Boxing Day, they returned home with six more Christmas Day puppies.

Missy is recovering well, and is settling into mum life with the pups' doting dad, Hank until the pups go to their forever homes next year.

To give one of the pups a forever home, visit Ball Bay Bandogs on Facebook for updates.