The catalogue is out.

The list of items for the Big W toy sale was sent out on Tuesday night to savvy parents who had registered online with the discount department store, and the initial responses have been mixed.

After the catalogue arrived in email inboxes late in the evening, dedicated Facebook pages were flooded with requests for advice and reviews.

But some were less impressed with the 112-page collection of toys.

"Anyone else think the toy sale catalogue was a bunch of crap," one user asked the Facebook group Big W Mums Australia. "Hardly any good things on sale and a lot of stuff is only saving a few dollars."

Dozens agreed, with many frustrated by the lack of Harry Potter or Wiggles products.

One said: "Yeah it wasn't really what I was hoping it was going to be like."

Another: "Gets worse every year, they don't really have any competition anymore though since Kmart and target both scraped there big toy sales."

And another was more circumspect: "Last year I went nuts on the kids but most of it didn't get played with or got broken. Not bothering this year, we're taking a family holiday to Malaysia instead."

Good option!

Is that Batman?
Is that Batman?

There were a few happy savers, though.

"I thought it was a great catalogue for what I'm after, everything I've had my eye on except for one thing is in there," one user said.

Another: "I'm surprisingly happy."

Last week the discount department store released a selection of marked-down toys for one of the more keenly watched sales campaigns of the year.

Never too early to teach the kids how to mow the lawn.
Never too early to teach the kids how to mow the lawn.


Ryan's World Combo Panda's Airline is down to $49 from $59, and parents can save $10 on Toy Story 4 figurines Buzz, Woody, Rex and Bo Peep at $39.

Lol! Surprise Confetti Pop was one of the cheaper items, with its price slashed by half to $9, while Treasure X Alien Hunters comes in at $18 after a $7 discount.

Disney Frozen Skate & Sing Elsa is down from $69 to $59, as is Paw Patrol Ultimate Skye Helicopter, which is only available at Big W.


Good old timeless Wiggles.
Good old timeless Wiggles.


Peppa Pig looks like a load of fun!
Peppa Pig looks like a load of fun!

Last year, crowds flooded into 35 Big W stores on the stroke of midnight to take advantage of the huge discounts on some of the most popular toys.

Those items included LOL Pets, the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary vehicle, Jurassic World sound dinosaurs, Pomsies Pom Pom Pets and the new Barbie dream house.

People looking for a bargain, or hoping to get in early with their Christmas shopping, were able to pick from 450 toys under $20.

The annual sale also included bargains on gaming consoles such as Xbox One S and Nintendo Switch, while film fans could find toys based on movies such as Jurassic World, Incredibles 2 and The Avengers.

Toy Mania will run for three weeks, from June 20 to July 10, with extended lay-by on offer for those shopping for Christmas.


Are rusty toys a good thing?
Are rusty toys a good thing?

The online catalogue can be viewed here.

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