Columnist Betty Lowis says greenies need to take a step back.
Columnist Betty Lowis says greenies need to take a step back. Francesco Ridolfi

Nature preservation: Are greenies going too far?

GREENIES, conservationists or whatever they choose to call themselves, should give it all a rest.

I think they go too far with their bans that are ruining Australia.

I was raised in the bush and love trees and greenery as much as most people.

However, I don't like to see them growing where they can cause harm to homes and other buildings.

Governments appear to go along with anything the greenies want, and their list is getting very long.

Huge fines for a landowner if he tries to protect his home and our buildings from ferocious bush fires. Because of this people's lives are at risk.

I agree with greenies about protecting our underground water table, but it does not stop there for them.

They don't want shark nets or drum lines that protect swimmers. "We are going into their territory,” they say.

Because there are huge fines for killing a crocodile they are now spreading everywhere.

We seem to be able to get away with killing each other, but don't kill a snake.

Now we are having fruit bat plagues, A threatened species, the greenies yell. Well, not where I live. The sky is black with them just after sunset, as they go for their nightly raids on fruit trees and bombing our homes with their droppings as they go.

They are ruining the lives of residents where they roost. They stink and carry diseases. "We need them to spread seeds,” greenies say.

Our native birds and animals do a very good job of that.

Greenies are ruining the livelihoods of many. Pity the farmers. They have the most to lose.

The latest rally has been about killing pigs. We now have a pork glut, and the farmers are paying the price. Some of those banners were very confronting and seem to have done a good job for which they were intended.

Rodeos are now on their hit list. I think it is more harmful for the riders than for the animals.

There is no need to list anything further, We are all aware of all these bans.

Do greenies really care about their causes or are they just drunk with power they seem to have over governments, or is it because they like seeing footage of themselves on TV?

  • Betty Lowis is a Bundaberg writer, artist and regular columnist for the NewsMail.