Leicester's Jamie Vardy falls after a head-butting incident with Sevilla's Samir Nasri.
Leicester's Jamie Vardy falls after a head-butting incident with Sevilla's Samir Nasri. Rui Vieira

Nasri slams Vardy after sending off

FOOTBALL: Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy has refuted allegations he is a cheat from Sevilla midfielder Samir Nasri.

The two came together in the second half and after both pushed each other, Nasri appeared to head butt the English international after Vardy had initially moved his head towards the former Arsenal and Manchester City star.

Both were shown a yellow card, with Nasri's second cautionable offence meaning he was also shown red.

Nasri, who had to be ushered off the field by teammates following his dismissal, accused Vardy of milking the situation and said he conned referee Daniele Orsato to get him sent off.

"For me he's a cheat because if he was a foreign player you, the English press, would be saying he's a cheat. For me he is a cheat," he said.

"They were winning 2-0, play the game like a man.

"You are not better than us but you are winning 2-0 and will qualify, just play the game. For an international player you don't need to do that.

"Look at the image. Yes he did it, but he did it well.

"He played it well. I thought the English players were tougher than that. He is the one who came to my face.

"I'm surprised but I should have thought about it and not reacted but I'm a man.

"I see the whole thing, coming out of the Champions League which is a big blow for us. It was just a reaction.

"It was a foul or something and then he pushed me and I said - 'what are you doing?' and then he came to my face. That's what happened."

Vardy refuted Nasri's allegation, saying: "I'm not a cheat and I never have been. That's all I've got to say on the matter."

A Leicester spokesman added: "The club refutes entirely any allegation that questions the professional integrity of Jamie or any of its players."

Sevilla was already losing 2-0 on the night before Sevilla's own Champions League dream turned sour with Kasper Schmeichel saving Steven N'Zonzi's penalty and boss Jorge Sampaoli sent to the stands minutes after Nasri's red card.

And the France international wanted to confront Vardy after the game.

"If I tell the truth I don't think you will be able to write it," he said.

"I would love to speak to him (but there are) too many cameras and security and I have to think about next year and not getting a big suspension."

Nasri will receive an automatic one-match ban for his red card, although it could be doubled if a UEFA disciplinary committee decides he failed to leave the pitch in an orderly fashion.