Sunshine Coast mum Chelsea Shirley Djukich's glamour lifestyle hid a dark secret.
Sunshine Coast mum Chelsea Shirley Djukich's glamour lifestyle hid a dark secret.

Naked truth about secret criminal life of a 'Barbie Doll'

IT'S been a long fall from grace for the Sunshine Coast's very own "Spunky Mumma Barbie Doll" but the convicted drug dealer and thief says she is on the path to rehabilitation.

Chelsea Shirley Djukich faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday, pleading guilty to 20 charges including multiple trafficking, possession and supplying of dangerous drugs.

The 42-year-old mother of two was sentenced to five years in jail but will be eligible for parole in eight months.

In 2015 and 2016, Djukich seemed to have it all - looks, friends, fun and a popular social media account.

Her Facebook page was wall-to-wall glamour photos of the tattooed bikini-clad woman, posing and smiling in the sun..

As well as declaring her a "yummy mumma", her followers noted she was "looking good" and a "boss babe".

One even proclaimed "the Barbie Doll is back Hawwwwtsing".

But behind the fun times was a raging drug addiction that needed to be fed.

To make money for her habit, Djukich sold significant amounts of methamphetamine for at least five months in 2015.

Cops caught up with her after finding evidence of her making transactions with another drug supplier and she was charged and released on bail.

But the court's bail conditions did not stop Djukich from offending.

She continued to use and sell, eventually coming unstuck in 2016 when she sold - and offered to supply - to an undercover police officer.

Her possession and trafficking included ice, MDMA and cocaine.

Arrested and charged again, Djukich was bailed but she failed to show up for a court date in November 2016.

A warrant was issued with Djukich handing herself into cops a month later.

Once again she was ordered to appear in court but this time she skipped town, heading to Sydney where she arrested and extradited to Queensland in October 2018.

She has spent the past 11 months and two weeks on remand, finally pleading guilty to all offences on Tuesday.

The court heard her criminal history included stealing clothes and household items from a charity bin.

The court also heard she had a "long-standing" drug addiction, meaning she she had no "insight into the seriousness of her conduct" when she was using.

Justice Elizabeth Wilson noted Djukich's guilty pleas were not early, with the defendant having drawn out the process for four years.

"There are other people in a grip of addiction who come here and plead guilty at an early stage," Justice Wilson said.

"It is clear from the evidence that you do need rehabilitation."

Djukich will be eligible for parole in June 2020, when she hopes to return to the Sunshine Coast and rebuild her relationship with teen son and daughter.

She will also be paroled to attend a local rehabilitation program. - NewsRegional