A $6 million Keno prize has gone off but where's the winner?
A $6 million Keno prize has gone off but where's the winner?

$6 million Keno jackpot winner a mystery

A MYSTERY Club Keno player has become a multi-millionaire overnight after winning a record-breaking prize at a Cairns entertainment venue.

The Far North Queenslander has yet to claim their $5.9 million in winnings, after buying a lucky Keno ticket at Cazaly's on Mulgrave Rd last night.

The player held a Keno Mega Millions 10 Spot winning entry in game 787.

Keno officials have yet to hear from the unknown winner, and are urging the region's players to check their tickets today.

Cazalys general manager Jason Wale said could not contain his excitement to

see another big Keno win land in his venue.

"Cairns locals are on a winning streak at the moment," he said.

"Tess and Luke won The Block with a win of $730,000, a local mum picked up over a million on Gold Lotto and now a whopping $5.9 million winner on Keno at Cazalys.

"The wins for Cairns locals just keep coming and they each get bigger than the

last one.

"The club's atmosphere changed instantly last night when everyone saw the

winning ticket was from here.

"We can't wait for the winner to find out!"

The big win is the third major prize to have come up at Cazaly's in the past eight years.

In April 2013, a customer won $1.8 million, then in November 2011 there was a $1 million win at the Westcourt venue.

It is also the third major Keno prize to land in Far North Queensland this year.

In April, a Cairns mum won $1.29 million, while in May a local man scored $1.42 million while out to dinner with his family.