Peter Falconio and Joanna Lees at dinner
Peter Falconio and Joanna Lees at dinner

Mysterious Falconio letter revealed in full

MANY cranks have claimed knowledge of murdered British backpacker Peter Falconio's whereabouts before.

However, there was something different about this letter.

Postmarked England, with no return address, it landed on the desk of Northern Territory News' editor, Matt Williams, on April 18, 2017.

It was from an anonymous author who claimed to have heard the confession from a man who helped Bradley John Murdoch dispose of Falconio's body.

Williams took the letter directly to the NT police commissioner, Reece Kershaw, who agreed it had some unusual features. The police did look into it - including going to Interpol - but nothing came of it.

Though the murder of 28-year-old Falconio has been solved, with Murdoch sentenced in 2005 to a 28-year non-parole period for executing the English backpacker in the outback on the evening of July 14, 2001 and for the aggravating circumstances of his attack on Joanne Lees, Falconio's body has never been found.

Falconio and his girlfriend Lees were driving along the Stuart Highway in their Kombi when they noticed a car following them.

The driver, Murdoch, later flagged them down to advise he had seen sparks coming from the back of their van.

Falconio moved to the back of the vehicle to check, a gunshot was heard, Lees was then tied up by Murdoch but was later able to escape into the desert before flagging down a trucker who took her to nearby Barrow Creek where police were called.

No evidence of Falconio's whereabouts was ever found.

It remains an enduring mystery which Murdoch could, but refuses, to help solve.

Parts of the letter were published by the NT News, but this is the first time the letter has been published in full. Passages of it may seem far-fetched and incredible, yet there is something about the letter that has a ring of authenticity.

Some passages are too gruesome to publish and the family has asked they be omitted.

Now, you can make up your own mind about the authenticity of the author.

The suspect's name and two address have been redacted for legal reasons, spelling mistakes and literals are the author's own.


*EMBARGOED - NO AUSTRALIAN, NEWS.COM + PERTH* - Peter Falconio's letter. Picture: Supplied
*EMBARGOED - NO AUSTRALIAN, NEWS.COM + PERTH* - Peter Falconio's letter. Picture: Supplied


(Time stamped on receipt 18 APR 2017)


I regret I must stay anonymous as you read on you will see why. I swear the following is the truth as far as I can recall it. I don't know every detail of times dates exact places but I know enough. I was born and grew up in Perth WA. I did indulge in very petty crime drugs and cars mainly but nothing violent or sexual. And I have no criminal record. I dealt drugs with a crook called (name withheld for legal reasons) he was a Pom but came to WA as a kid he was older than me and would now be if still alive in his late 60s. In his early years he worked in the car trade but later got by on crime. When I knew him he lived in (redacted) but would doss down anywhere then when broke he would go back to his mothers place, she lived at (redacted). He knew and done deals with Brad Murdoch. (Redacted) was very scared of him because Murdoch had a lot on him. I never met Murdock but (redacted) told me a lot about him.

I read about the Falconion murder at the time but never connected it with anyone in WA. Then around 2 years later (redacted) asked to see me he wanted to talk to someone and was very troubled it was no act because he broke down and sobbed he's heart out he wasn't drunk or high on drugs so I know he was genuine.

This is what he told me as best as I can remember.

Murdoch phoned him and ordered him to fly to Darwin at once hire a car and meet him in the outback. When they met he told (redacted) that he had murdered a guy in self defence at the time (redacted) had no idea who the victim was. Murdoch had (the following passages and description is too gruesome to publish). He ordered (redacted) to drive to Adelaide leave the car and fly back to Perth. (Redacted) told me he couldn't even open the bags he was sick and petrified, when he got to Adelaide he didn't fly but got the Indian Pacific back to Perth, thinking that the 2 large bags would draw less attention on the train. He and Murdoch had connections with Geraldton and Broome they were always going up there to unload or buy stolen goods and drugs. So (redacted) knew northern WA very well. He told me he went way past Geraldton and buried both the bags unopened in a nice spot and even made up a cross. Later he realised who he had buried and was in a bad way about it. He knew I had a sister who worked in law, and asked what I thought he would get if he went to the police. I told him I thought about 5 years for assisting Murdoch. This terrified him. But I did tell him better to go to the police now before Murdock decides to tell the whole story. After that I lost touch with him and never heard from him again.

At that time I married an English lady who was homesick so I came back with her to the UK and we have lived in North London ever since. My wife has been a Jehovah Witness all her life and now I to have joined her as J.W. It is wrong of me to betray (redacted) trust. But I feel the Falconio family and his girlfriend deserve to know what happened to their loved one, and hopefully with the love of Jehovah find peace.