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My phones are tapped every day, says Clive Palmer

CLIVE Palmer has revealed an intense fear of phone tapping and government surveillance on the ABC's Kitchen Cabinet television program.

The unconventional new MP revealed his security concerns during an interview with Annabel Crabb on her program on Tuesday night.

"I'm monitored, my phones are tapped every day," Mr Palmer said.

"We know that if we go back to inquiries in ASIO in the late '80s in the Senate that ASIO constantly monitors the top hundred wealthiest Australians. It was said in testimony in the Senate."

His desire to evade surveillance  made him refuse government-issued computers upon obtaining his seat in the House of Representatives.

He instead directed his staff to buy their own devices as they set up office.

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Crabb told APN last week that Mr Palmer feared being betrayed.

He has often put people into positions in his business, and more recently in PUP, based on how long he has known them, rather than their skills. 

"He fears infiltration and betrayal,'' Crabb says. 

The recent fallout with Senator Jacqui Lambie have only reinforced those fears, she said. 

But she said if he was to establish a national political party, he would need to learn to trust people, other than those he went to school with, or from his family.  

Clive Palmer driven by fear and paranoia, says Crabb