Josh, 25, and Austin, 21, didn’t exactly win over fans during the MKR premiere.
Josh, 25, and Austin, 21, didn’t exactly win over fans during the MKR premiere.

Fans unleash on ’dinner party terrorists’

THE new season of My Kitchen Rules has barely even begun, but it may have already delivered some of the most shocking "villains" in the show's history.

During the explosive premiere on Monday night, homeschooled Christian brothers Josh and Austin shocked fans with their ruthless comments to fellow contestants in the first Instant Restaurant.


Josh and Austin instantly positioned themselves as this season’s villains.
Josh and Austin instantly positioned themselves as this season’s villains.

Before the drama really kicked off, Josh issued an ominous warning in an on-camera interview with producers.

"I'm trying to hold my tongue as long as possible and just observe everyone in the room, but I feel my word vomit coming, I can't hold it in," he said, before focusing on Jodi-Anne.

"We thought that you were a lesbian and that was your gay best friend," Josh told the pink-haired woman, who was sitting next to her husband and teammate, Mick.

He also targeted Sydney couple Ibby and Romel in an interview with producers, away from the other contestants.

"It looks like an older gentleman who ordered a mail bride from overseas," Josh snickered, before mocking Ibby's Lebanese accent.

"Like, 'I'm off the cargo ship, I hope for new life'," he said in faux broken English.


Ibby and Romel were in the firing line.
Ibby and Romel were in the firing line.

Later at the dinner table, Josh repeated his comments to their faces.

"You two, what I thought that you two had in common was that you like both had mail order brides, but the gay version," he told them.

Austin escalated tensions further by telling the group that he'd rather see some of them fail, rather than the evening's hosts, Ash and Stacey.

When the others raged, he doubled down: "Get over it! I'm just saying my opinion. Those guys are nicer than all you fake people."

Josh made the situation worse by then announcing he'd speak slowly to the entire table so that everyone "speaking a different language" would be able to understand him.

"So I'll just say really slowly - I think that based on (Stacey and Ash's) entree I'd like to see them do well, because they seem like really nice people. OK?" he said condescendingly.

Later, in an interview with producers, Blake and his sister Amanda described how uncomfortable the dinner party was becoming.

"He's making his way around the table, basically just roasting everyone one by one," Blake explained.

"Josh has just unleashed at the table. They're dinner party terrorists."

Viewers seemed to agree, with many roasting the brothers on Twitter.

The brothers' attitudes first raised eyebrows during their introductions early in the episode, when a fairly innocent question from a producer sparked a bizarre reaction.

After explaining that they'd been raised by missionary parents and were homeschooled in different countries, they were asked: "What are the perks of home school?"

When Austin began to answer, Josh cut him off tersely.

"Careful - do you see what they're doing?" he asked his sibling. "Just - you gotta remember what we said. Always be in control of exactly what you wanna say and your emotions. You can give them any answer you want."

Later, Josh explained that despite being beginners in the kitchen, they're convinced they'll win.

"We are amateur cooks, and we're going in this to learn and get better and better until we win," he said.

My Kitchen Rules continues tonight at 7pm on Seven.