LOCAL POLITICS: Labor candidate for the seat of Burnett Bryan Mustill. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail
LOCAL POLITICS: Labor candidate for the seat of Burnett Bryan Mustill. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail Mike Knott

Meet Burnett's Labor candidate

LABOR candidate for the state seat of Burnett Bryan Mustill says he won't be making any election promises.

"You don't promise anything, a fool would promise something," Mr Mustill said.

"I do not make promises because you don't know whether you can fulfil them.

"The only thing I can say is I will try to reverse the adverse policies that are affecting the working people."

Mr Mustill said employment, specifically for youth, job security and re-skilling were his priorities.

Job security is an issue Mr Mustill finds important, as he says it allows people to feel safe to spend.

"The economy's got to be stimulated with job security," he said.

And from the time he's had to talk with the community, Mr Mustill said it seemed the concerns of the Burnett electorate were wide and varied from water issues in Coral Cove to import concerns at the port.

Being a voice to the community is not foreign to Mr Mustill, who spent 16 years in local government in the United Kingdom, survived five elections and even had a stint as a mayor.

Deciding to take a break from politics, Mr Mustill studied in the UK to become a radiologist, which would later see him move to Whyalla, Australia, in 2003 for work.

A move to Queensland, time in Bowen and Redcliffe then on to Bundaberg, Mr Mustill said he was happy to call the place home.

With wife Eddie, a wildlife carer, and acreage on a hill in rural Bungadoo, the 62-year-old said he enjoyed a spot of reading in his rare moments or spare time.

"I don't have time for many hobbies," he said.

Currently a radiologist at Bundaberg Hospital, Mr Mustill said an on-call roster kept him on his toes.

Unhappy with the policies impacting the health industry in which he works, Mr Mustill said it prompted him to consider a return to politics. And with just 22 days before the polls, Mr Mustill said his time would be dedicated to getting to know the Burnett community.