BUNDY'S NO. 1 FAN: Xavier Rudd is excited to return to the region this month, with his Storm Boy tour, with the musical icon saying
BUNDY'S NO. 1 FAN: Xavier Rudd is excited to return to the region this month, with his Storm Boy tour, with the musical icon saying "Bundy is deadly". Cole Bennetts

Music icon touring Bundy

XAVIER Rudd is the epitome of great, authentic Australian music.

The incredible and unique sound he creates is something pretty special and Bundaberg will be fortunate enough to experience this first-hand, when the musician tours the region this month.

"I'm so excited to come to Bundaberg - I love the coast, I love the vibe, I love the people, it's got everything,” Xavier told the NewsMail exclusively yesterday.

"A few years have passed since I last toured there, but Bundy is deadly.”

Following his European tour, Rudd will return to Australia for less than 10 days, before taking the tour to the U.S.

Rudd is one of the biggest acts to perform on stage in Bundaberg this year.

He's a father, husband, activist, environmentalist, animal rights advocate and voice for minority groups.

"I can't tell you if what I'm saying is right or wrong, all I can say is that I believe in it and I am very passionate about these issues,” he said.

"People connect with what I have to say and that's really humbling.”

Rudd's Aboriginal heritage also provides him with the knowledge and emotional intelligence, to act as a voice for indigenous Australians.

"Aboriginal rights are hugely important to me because it's part of who I am and where I've come from,” he said.

"I have first handedly witnessed so much racism and although it is getting better, it definitely still exists.

"If the government or education system isn't going to do anything about it, we need to combat the issue at a street level. "Racism is a cycle and some people are accustomed to it, because it comes from bad teachings, so if I can help to educate others and change that, then I'm happy to step up and do that.”

He said he loved touring.

"I really love regional areas and I know how hard it is to try and get to a gig during a working week, so I really try my best to make it to all areas, not just major cities,” he said.

"After crazy big tours in really big cities overseas, it's always an awesome feeling performing for those smaller communities.

"It will be great to be back on home soil, I mean I'll probably only be at home for one day, but I'm really looking forward to it.”

Rudd says the tour will feature "a bit of everything” with songs from his latest album, Storm Boy, as well as fan favourities, Let Me Be, Messages and Follow the Sun.

Renowned for his inimitable and echoing sounds, the artist says a lot of his music was influenced from childhood memories and interests.

Rudd's Storm Boy tour will be at Bundy's Moncrieff Entertainment Centre, on August 22 and tickets can be purchased online at moncrieff-bundaberg.com.au/buy-tickets.