Shandee Blackburn
Shandee Blackburn

Murdered daughter's poem discovery in notebook

Shandee Blackburn penned a poem about death in the months before she was murdered in a frenzied stabbing attack.

The heart-wrenching poem was discovered by her mother Vicki, two-and-a-half years after the 23-year-old was killed.

Shandee was walking home from work late at night in February, 2013, when she was stabbed more than 20 times and left to die on the road.

Her former boyfriend, John Peros, was eventually charged with her murder but a jury last year found him not guilty.

Shandee's family hope an inquest will now be held to determine the circumstances surrounding her death.

Vicki Blackburn said she discovered the poem while flipping through the pages of a notebook she'd found among Shandee's possessions.

The poem, which is undated, appeared to be one of the last things Shandee wrote, and was among other writings of how happy she was with her partner at the time.

"Who will pick up the pieces, after the shot of the gun, even though he hears the sirens, he still thinks he has won," the poem reads.

"Who will pick up the pieces, after the deed is done, as she lies lifeless on the ground, after the man has had his fun.

"Who will pick up the pieces, after her life is gone, although she now rests peacefully, our lives do not move on."

Vicki said Shandee had been a "troubled" teen but had recently moved back home, had found a job she loved and a boyfriend who treated her well.

"That Christmas was the closest we've ever been," she said.

Vicki said she did not know the meaning of the poem, but said she wished her daughter had spoken to her about it before her death.

"She used to write poetry but then she'd copy poetry as well," Vicki said.

"I've searched and searched and I can't find that poem anywhere online so it looks like it is something that she wrote," she said.

"There were only a couple more in the notebook after that, so it was one of the last ones."

She is calling for Shandee's death to be examined at an inquest.

"My goal is the truth," she said.

"That's what we want."