Alby Hill died at a unit here in 2013 and now Kaius Patrick Cummins is on trial for murder.
Alby Hill died at a unit here in 2013 and now Kaius Patrick Cummins is on trial for murder. Megan Mackander

Murder-accused - mate had 'history of smashing self in face'

A MURDER trial has heard the man accused of killing Nigel Robert "Alby" Hill say his mate had a history of self-harm.

Kaius Patrick Cummins, 41, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Hill, who was found dead at an Alexandra Headland unit in February 2013.

Rob Gwillim, then a police senior constable, went to the unit the night Mr Hill died.

On Tuesday, he told Brisbane Supreme Court he spoke to a "nervous" Mr Cummins.

An audio recording made soon after midnight on February 22 was played to the court.

When asked about Alby, Mr Cummins told Mr Gwillim, "He's punched himself out a few times".

"The day before yesterday, he found out that his uncle was going to get put down. My wife and I kept watch on him all day."

Jurors previously heard the uncle was in a coma.

Mr Cummins told the police officer Mr Hill had been suicidal and had a "history of smashing himself in the face".

He said he found Mr Hill on the floor and pulled a cable off him.

Mr Cummins also said he'd consumed marijuana and several litres of wine that night or the day before.

He said Mr Hill had four Valiums, "a sh--load of wine" and marijuana.

Two men had visited Mr Hill's unit and "cleaned out half his furniture", Mr Cummins added.

Earlier, a former neighbour of Mr Hill told jurors she spoke about housing arrangements with Alby, because he was being evicted.

Sergeant Craig Law told jurors he arrived at the unit just before 11.40pm on February 21.

He said a woman outside the unit was "quite distressed" and asking to get medication from inside.

Mr Law said a man outside had "reddish marks" on his hands and shirt.

"He said he got some blood on himself while trying to give CPR to the [man] inside."

Jeffrey Bradfield, Ambulance Service intensive care paramedic, also told jurors the woman appeared distressed.

"She was upset, she was tearful."

Mr Bradfield said the man had his head bowed "and no real emotion that I could identify".

But defence counsel Simon Lewis said Mr Bradfield's attention was only drawn to the woman because she asked a question.

Mr Lewis on Monday suggested Mr Cummins's former sister-in-law, Chynelle Cummins, choked Mr Hill with a TV cable because she thought he "sexually assaulted" her.

But Ms Cummins rejected that.

Prosecutor Clayton Wallis said "primal" jealousy compelled Mr Cummins to kill his friend.

The trial continues. -NewsRegional