Kaius Patrick Cummins has denied murdering his friend Alby Hill.
Kaius Patrick Cummins has denied murdering his friend Alby Hill. John Weekes

Murder accused drank litres of wine every day for 15 years

"YOU didn't have to kill him. You're a cold-hearted murderer."

Soon after those words were uttered, Kaius Patrick Cummins called an end to the interview.

Nigel Robert "Alby" Hill had been found dead the night before, in February 2013.

The police interview was played to jurors on Wednesday at Brisbane Supreme Court, where Mr Cummins has pleaded not guilty to murder.

Mr Cummins repeatedly told police Alby killed himself at an Alexandra Headland unit.

But police said they had witness statements from conversation overheard at the unit block.

"No one sticks his fingers in my wife's vagina," one allegedly heard Mr Cummins say.

Police told Mr Cummins his wife, Chynelle, had spoken to them too.

She said Mr Cummins was "hostile and aggressive" before Alby was killed.

Meanwhile, jurors heard Mr Cummins had been drinking four to six litres of cask wine every day for fifteen years.

He told a nurse he drank "all day", woke at night for a glass or two and would resume at breakfast.

The night Alby was found dead, Mr Cummins told cops alcohol was affecting his memory, but his first police interview went on anyway.

Two police officers told jurors they could smell booze on Mr Cummins but he didn't seem visibly impaired.

Mr Cummins's defence counsel on Wednesday said police gave a key witness a "heads-up" about evidence likely to be crucial at trial.

Defence barrister Simon Lewis said Detective Senior Constable Nicholas Paterson told Chynelle Cummins about her DNA being found on a coaxial cable.

Jurors have been told the cable was used to kill Mr Hill.

Mr Paterson said he shared that information because Ms Cummins was "very upset" and he wanted to advise her how the situation might unfold.

Chynelle was previously Kaius's sister-in-law before she married Kaius.

Mr Lewis said Chynelle and his client had a "marriage ceremony" even though Ms Cummins denied the two were in a relationship.

The trial continues. -NewsRegional