Mum’s improvised shield as dingo bit boy

THE mother of a child bitten by a dingo on Fraser Island tried to protect her kids, using a boogie board to fend it off.

Fraser Island ranger Jenna Tapply said the family was doing everything right yesterday when the dingo came over to them.

The mum was walking with her two children along Eastern Beach about 6pm on Saturday when the attack happened.

Ms Tapply said when the dingo emerged, the mum placed a boogie board between the dingo and her children.

Rangers nearby noticed the family was being approached by the animal and intervened, along with the children's father, but a boy was nipped by the dingo.

Ms Tapply said paramedics attended and treated the boy, who was able to remain on the island to enjoy the rest of his holiday.


Dingoes on the beach at Fraser Island
Dingoes on the beach at Fraser Island


The bite was the fourth reported serious incident this year after a six-year-old boy was attacked by a dingo in January, followed by another on a nine-year-old boy and his mother in February.

In April a 14-month-old boy was snatched from his tent while he slept by a dingo, suffering a fractured skull, puncture wounds to his neck and head and a bite-mark bruise on his shoulder.

Ms Tapply said while serious incidents didn't happen often, there were precautions rangers would like tourists to take during the Christmas holidays.

She said rangers often spoke to visitors about keeping food and bait unsecured and keeping their children close by.

"We do have people on the island who don't do the right thing," she said.

"The majority do the right thing and follow dingo safe behaviours."

This year 22 fines and 12 written warnings have been issued to people for failing to keep food safe from dingoes.