Mum’s emotional tribute to teen stabbing victim

Angus Beaumont

November 25 2004- March 13 2020


I will never see my sons face again, or hear his voice and I still can't fully believe that this is real.

On Friday March 13 around 8.10pm our boy's life was taken in an act that has left our family heartbroken.

Angus was a son, grandson, brother and uncle and the void his passing has left in our family is as endless as the potential he had.

He was going to do great things and we were all keen to see them.



Angus Beaumont was a proud member of the Redcliffe Sea Snakes.
Angus Beaumont was a proud member of the Redcliffe Sea Snakes.


He was a big beautiful healthy 15-year-old old boy and at 6'5 and 110kg with a size 15 shoe - people always assumed he was older than his years.

He was kind, genuine, enthusiastic, intelligent, creative, funny and friendly.

And had always gone to the beat of his own drum.

Not everyone got his quirky character, but it was what we loved most about him.

He was a "loveable rouge" as his grandmother said from the time he was a little boy.

Angus loved to cook, read, fish and skate and it wasn't unusual for him to cook dinner for his family.

He loved food so was always wanting to try out new recipes. It took a lot of food to fill that big body of his, and so the kitchen was one his favourite places.

He was a big part of our lives and his father's business.

He'd been going to work with his dad since he was a little boy and will be greatly missed by a lot of our long time customers. He'd even helped set up our business page and it wasn't unusual for him to help his older brothers out with anything computer wise.

He'll also be missed by the many students and friends he attended Redcliffe State High School with.



Angus Beaumont loved to go fishing with his dad.
Angus Beaumont loved to go fishing with his dad.


He'd also worked at Redcliffe Mowers shop over the years and they have all felt his loss, Angus had spent a lot of time there putting mowers and whipper snippers together. He had planned to do a small engines course and eventually have his own business.

He will also be missed by his team the Redcliffe Sea Snakes.

It seems so wrong to have lost him at a time when most teens pull away from their family and spend more time with friends or locked away in their rooms.

He was just starting to come back through that stage and we could see glimpses of his old self and now we will never get to know the man he would have become.

His father has lost a mate and a fishing buddy and I have lost a part of who I am.

I was Angus' mum and he kept me busy.

He was the noise, he was the mess and he was the energy that filled our house and it's too quiet now he's gone.

We couldn't even give Angus a proper send of because of the coronavirus.

His funeral was one of the saddest and loneliest things I've ever had to endure.

With only 10 people able to attend including two staff members it was gut wrenching.

We all had to be seated metres apart due to government restrictions it was cruel.

Just when we need the comfort of family and friends around we were isolated and even after the funeral and lonely trip home we've had to keep our distance from our older children and grandchildren to lesson the risks.

We couldn't bare to loose anyone else.

We've already lost our best and our brightest.

Originally published as Mum's emotional tribute to teen stabbing victim