BUSTED: Jasmin Cogzell pleaded guilty to supplying a dangerous drug.
BUSTED: Jasmin Cogzell pleaded guilty to supplying a dangerous drug. contributed

Mum takes kids to drug deal and ripped off undercover cop

A BUNDABERG mother who took her young children along to a drug deal with an undercover cop and ripped him off has been sentenced to an intensive corrections order.

Jasmin Cogzell, 40, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg District Court today to one charge of supplying a dangerous drug, being meth, to an undercover cop.

And it isn't the first time Cogzell has been convicted of drugs charges.

The court heard the mother of six had spent time in prison for trafficking the same drug, and had been on parole at the time of the offence.

Crown Prosecutor Christopher Cook said despite being on parole, Cogzell had tested positively for drugs several times in the past month.

Judge Jennifer Rosengren questioned when Cogzell would finally have her "wake up call".

It was heard a man known to Cogzell arranged to sell 1.75g of meth to a man who, unbeknownst to either, was an undercover officer.

The pair met near a sports club, with Cogzell bringing her two youngest children along with her in the car, before doing the deal.

Cogzell passed the packet of drugs to the officer, who paid $600. Later the officer weighed the bag and found the man and Cogzell had "ripped him off" with the drugs weighing in at 1.4gm.

"It is very concerning she was incarcerated for trafficking, is the caretaker of two young children, then goes and does it again ... this is a problem," Judge Rosengren said.

"It is still supply (of drugs), it is serious and the very thing she is on parole and spent time in prison for."

A police search of Cogzell's home found syringes and scales in a bedroom. She said she used the scales to weigh drugs.

Defence barrister Callan Cassidy said Cogzell had a drug problem, but was trying to turn her life around, despite using drugs while on parole.

Judge Rosengren condemned Cogzell's actions, saying she "brought them into the world" and it was her responsibility as a mother to look after them.

"You clearly have a long road to recovery," Judge Rosengren said. Cogzell was sentenced to a nine-month intensive corrections order.