Casey Lewis and her two children.
Casey Lewis and her two children.

Mum needs $27k in 11 days to avoid 'permanent paralysis'

A YOUNG mother is raising money to fund surgery for a rare spinal condition, sharing her heart-breaking story online.

Casey Lewis, who recently moved from Toowoomba to New South Wales, said she was just a normal mum before being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation last year, a condition that could paralyse her if not treated.

"Even the simple things we take for granted like going swimming with the kids, to not be in so much pain at the end of each day that I cry while I make dinner and count down the minutes until my kids go to bed so they don't have to see me in pain," the 35-year-old mum of two said.

Ms Lewis, who has undergone several brain and spinal surgeries in the past, told The Chronicle she had 11 days to raise $27,000 for a cervical fusion to prevent permanent quadraplegia.

She said her surgeon had offered to lower his fee though the hospital had not, but the potential to go back to life before her diagnosis was something she had dreamt of since the pain that has left her barely able to sleep set in.

"My kids don't deserve to lose four years of their mother ... (and) that looks to be the least of what they could lose," Ms Lewis said.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so through her GoFundMe campaign.