The young man had a lot of behavioural problems. (File)
The young man had a lot of behavioural problems. (File) MaxPixel/CCO Public Domain

Mum gave boy marijuana to make him 'compliant'

A MOTHER faced jail time after giving her troubled 15-year-old son marijuana to make him more compliant.

The Gympie mother of four pleaded guilty to drug supply and possession charges after police raided her house and found she had 48g of marijuana.

Prosecutor Toby Corsbie said police also found marijuana in the son's bedroom.

The teenager himself was in frequent trouble and had behavioural problems, Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Thursday.

The 34-year-old Gympie woman's defence lawyer said when given marijuana, the boy "was very compliant and it seemed to move him away from going on to stronger drugs”.

Justice Helen Bowskill told the mother that the teen's behaviour must be "extremely distressing” for her.

The judge said the mother was herself a long-term marijuana user who made a misguided decision to give the son the drugs.

"All the indications are this is a mistake that has happened and won't be repeated,” Justice Bowskill said.

The mother was sentenced to nine months' jail, but the sentence was wholly suspended.

The suspended sentence will be operational for 18 months.

To protect the child's privacy, NewsRegional has not named the mother, as doing so would identify the son. -NewsRegional