Keith Pitt has stood against same-sex marriage.
Keith Pitt has stood against same-sex marriage. DAVID MOIR

MP resists the tide of equality

KEITH Pitt was among four MPs to vote against the Same-Sex Marriage Bill which passed in a landslide in Parliament making same-sex marriage in Australia.

Cheers and shouts erupted from the public gallery - which was packed with hundreds of people - as the result of the final vote was announced.

Those who opposed the vote along with Mr Pitt were Bob Katter, David Littleproud and Russell Broadbent.

Mr Pitt said he could not support the legislation because he did not believe it adequately addressed the concerns of many in the Hinkler electorate around religious freedoms, parental choice and the right for parents to raise their children as they see fit.

"The debate today was about the bill and its details. I supported a range of amendments which I believed would have improved the bill, but the final legislation was put without these amendments included.

"I was aware of the opportunity to abstain from the vote today, but in this place I believe you should always have the courage of your convictions.”

Attorney-General George Brandis confirmed the law would be changed by tomorrow.

"As from Saturday, same-sex couples will be able to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage to commence the one month minimum notice period required before the solemnisation of marriages under the Marriage Act,” Senator Brandis said in a statement.

Mr Pitt acknowledged this issue was incredibly personal for many people.