TRIBUTE: Adrenaline junkie with big heart dies in crash

SHANE Webb will be remembered for his Wrangler jeans, his love for motorbikes and the addiction to adrenaline.

He died doing something he loved - riding a motorbike with the wind blowing his handlebar moustache, as he cruised down the road.

Shane, 58, from Plainland, was tragically killed in a road accident on Tuesday, 3km east of Minden, on the Warrego Highway.

Police said he was overtaking two trucks when he came off his bike. He died at the scene.

Shane Webb, 58, with his youngest children.
Shane Webb, 58, with his youngest children. Contributed

Shane was on his way to Logan to go out for dinner.

His family are coming to terms with the death, losing a man who knew everyone, would help anyone and lived life to the fullest.

Although separated, his wife, Paula Webb, said despite being a man who never followed the rules, Shane had a heart of gold.

"Even though he had broken nearly every bone in his body, he did everything to 110 per cent," Paula said.

"He was never one to follow the rules, he made up his own rules, right until the last minute."

He was helping Paula move house when the crash happened.

Shane Webb, of Plainland, (front and centre) with his bridal party.
Shane Webb, of Plainland, (front and centre) with his bridal party. Contributed

"He had spent a lot of time helping us move," she said.

"The afternoon before it happened, he had spent a lot of time here with the kids."

Born in Tasmania, Shane moved backwards and forwards between Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales before settling at Plainland.

He rode bulls in his youth and was an arborist for a living.

But no mater what he did, it was always in his favourite Wrangler jeans.

"He never wore anything other than Wranglers, even if it was 55 degrees," Paula said.

"When we got married, he had to wear a jacket, but there was always going to be the Wranglers."

Shane Webb, 58, of Plainland.
Shane Webb, 58, of Plainland. Contributed

He leaves behind eight children; Justin, Megan, Reece, Clinton, Chloe, twins George and Lacey and four-year-old Phoebe.

Shane also has five grandchildren.

"Telling the kids yesterday morning was the hardest thing in the world I've ever had to do," Paula said.

"Everyone called him father - that's what he was like - everyone's father.

"He would always put himself out there to help other people."