The car rolled at Boyne Island on March 25.
The car rolled at Boyne Island on March 25. Tegan Annett

'Mortified': Motorist had few drinks before Boyne crash

A YOUNG Gladstone man is lucky to be "walking and talking" after he sped into a roundabout and rolled his car.

A magistrate said Cole Kenneth Schurmann must have had "someone looking down on him" when he decided to get behind the wheel after a few drinks and wrote off his vehicle.

Schurmann pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to two charges: did drive over the alcohol limit and driver to have proper control over vehicle.

The court was told that on March 25 police and ambulance crew were called to a single-vehicle crash at a Boyne Island roundabout.

Paramedics treated Schurmann at the scene but his car was a $10,000 write-off.

The court was told Schurmann drove too fast into the roundabout and lost control.

Schurmann was taken to hospital and returned a blood-alcohol content reading of .099 per cent.

Schurmann also suffered a fractured pelvis and a fractured l3 vertebra.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said the 21-year-old could "thank his lucky stars" he was "walking and talking".

Mr Kinsella said it was "sheer luck" Schurmann wasn't more seriously injured and there must have been "someone looking down" on him.

Schurmann's parents were in court to support him and Mr Kinsella said they must have been "mortified".

"I hope they gave you a swift kick up the bum ... after you got better of course," Mr Kinsella joked.

Members of the gallery laughed but Mr Kinsella said Schurmann "hit two of the fatal five" - alcohol and speeding.

"You may not be standing before me or even be before me at all, if the circumstances were different," he said.

Mr Kinsella fined Schurmann $800 and disqualified his licence for three months.

A conviction was recorded.