Most of Palmer seat supports carbon price for polluters

MORE than 70% of voters in Clive Palmer's electorate of Fairfax have backed a "polluter pays" approach to tackling carbon emissions, a recent poll has found.

The Reachtel poll of more than 900 Fairfax voters, conducted for WWF Australia, came as Mr Palmer met in Canberra on Wednesday with former US Vice-President Al Gore.

It showed some 71.2% of voters surveyed in mid-June supported companies paying to reduce their emissions, rather than the Abbott Government's plans to pay them $2.5 billion in incentives.

WWF Australia climate change spokeswoman Kellie Caught said Mr Palmer was developing a reputation for "sticking up for battlers", urging him to back an emissions trading scheme or the existing carbon tax.

While 11.9% of respondents said they still supported government paying polluters to reduce emissions, some 16.1% were undecided.

Despite the support for a "polluter pays" system, some 38.2% of Fairfax voters still backed the new Senate abolishing the existing carbon tax, with 32% supported keeping it.

The survey also asked voters about the government's budget measures, with a massive 30.9% of respondents opposed to Prime Minister Tony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme.

A further 18.7% were opposed to the proposed $7 GP co-payment and 16% did not want funding to states for hospitals and schools reduced.