PACKING: Book fair organiser Ross Peddlesden.
PACKING: Book fair organiser Ross Peddlesden. Chris Burns

More than $16,000 estimated from annual book sale

AS THE Bundaberg East Rotary's book sale was closing, the announcer announced half price discounts for the thousands of books remaining in the civic centre.

More than $16,000 is estimated to be raised from the three-day event, which will fund the Bundaberg library and the Rotary's programs.

Co-ordinator Ross Peddlesden said it had been the "best book sale for a number of years” but that it was impossible to determine the amount of books that were sold.

There had been 26 pallets of second-hand books on offer, amounting to many thousands of books, and 10 pallets remained by the end, he said.

"People still want books and we can see that with people excited to see their favourite book and author,” he said.

Mr Peddlesden said children's books and hardback fiction were popular this year, but that they sold less non-fiction.

He was happy with the popularity of children's books because it meant that local children had thousands more books on their shelves to encourage them to read.

The children's section needed replacing three times during the event.

Attendee Toni Hines said there were more books to choose from than she expected, when looking for mystery and dystopian novels.

"I'm really just looking for hidden treasures, and original copies of books,” she said.

Suzi Ladue said she enjoyed supernatural romance, and romantic adventure stories.

"I came here to get kids' books because my children like to read, young fiction and junior books, and I get a couple of novels for myself,” she said.