NBN truck.
NBN truck. Trevor Veale

Thousands sign petition for Coalition to back NBN

MORE than 145,000 Australians have signed an online petition calling for the Coalition to back Labor's NBN proposal.

The petition is one of a series of new websites which have sprung up online in recent weeks, including one which compares download speeds between the two major parties' proposals.

Through various social media, the petition author, understood to be Queensland university student Nick Paine, has attracted a rising tide of support for Labor's National Broadband Network.

Addressed to Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott and Coalition frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull, it calls on the Coalition to back Labor's existing plans.

The petition labels the Coalition's promise of "fibre to the node" rather than Labor's fibre to the home, as "merely patchwork; a short-term solution to a long-term problem".

It hits out at the $15 billion savings under the Coalition plan, saying they do not take into account the need to upgrade the network again "just a quick few decades down the road".

Mr Paine was reported on Wednesday as saying he was a Liberal voter, but did not agree with the Coalition's proposal, arguing it disadvantaged the country in the long term.

The petition is available here and click here to compare proposed download speeds.