More police are needed, says a resident.
More police are needed, says a resident. Trevor Veale

More police needed at crash spot, says resident

A RESIDENT who lives in the area where Wednesday's double fatality occurred believes that particular stretch of the Bruce Hwy desperately needs more police.

John McMahon said he had witnessed the aftermath of many crashes, some resulting in death, along the highway in Kolonga and surrounding areas during the 12 years he had lived in the region.

"Too many people have died or been seriously injured,” he said.

"My concerns are that police are simply not persistently patrolling the area.”

Mr McMahon said the behaviour of drivers was the main cause for crashes and the issue was something that needed to be managed by police.

"They are tailgating over 100kmh, they overtake on double lines, they whiz past you,” he said.

"If police were more visibly active on that section of the Bruce Hwy, you wouldn't get this sort of behaviour.”

Mr McMahon said he contacted Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey in May about the issue and received a response from his chief of staff Tam Van Alphen.

"The response stated that on that particular stretch of road, there have been 51 people hospitalised and 10 fatalities since 2011,” he said.

"Yet there was no explanation to what could be done about it.”

Mr McMahon said recent crashes in the area were proof that something needed to be done.

"It is now imperative,” he said.